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Sityog Watertech Systems Pvt. Ltd. has been providing quality & innovative water solutions for over 12 years at a very reasonable price with technical information. We have been able to win customer’s confidence and trust with our excellent product quality, efficient & prompt after sales services through our network of offices and courteous and trained staff.
   Our TECHNICAL DIRECTOR provides valuable recommendation with best advices.

Q : Why Sewage Treatment Plant is essential for ourselves?

Sewage Treatment Plant is a facility designed to receive the waste from domestic, commercial and industrial sources and to remove materials that damage water quality and compromise public health and safety when discharged into water receiving systems. The Principal objective of waste water treatment is generally to allow human and industrial effluents to be disposed of without danger to human health or unacceptable damage to the natural environment.

Q : What contaminants does Reverse Osmosis Remove ?

The Water Tech Systems water contains a quality carbon which will remove more than 98% of organic chemicals from the water. These include THMs (chloroform), DBCP, lindane. TCE (trichloroethylene), PCEs (tetrachloroethylene), carbon tetrachloride chlorine.

Q : Will R.O. remove Sodium from the water ?

YES! Reverse Osmosis was originally designed to make sea water drinkable for the navy. It is ideal for everyone on a low sodium diet.

Q : Does R.O remove Bacteria ? Crytosporidium ?

YES! An R.O. membrane has a pore size much smaller than bacteria virus,, pyrogen or the cryptosporidium parasite. When functioning properly it will remove all micro organism from tap water and produce sterile water.

Q : What is the guarantee on the Water Tech Systems RO Water Maker ?

The Water Tech Systems (excluding filters) is guaranteed for 1 year for material and workmanship. All defective parts will be replaced free within the first year. The membrane has a one year pro-rated guarantee.

Q : What is the maintenance schedule for the Water Tech Systems Ro Water maker ?

The three pre-filter cartridges should be changed every 6 months. The first is a 5 micron sediment cartridge. The second is a Carbon Cartridge. the third is a Executed carbon filter. Failure to change the cartridge every 6 months may allow chlorine to destroy the membrane. Depending upon the water it is treating, the Thin Film Composite membrane has a life expectancy of 3 to 10 years. The post filter should be changed when the membrane needs changing.

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